wingu at WWDC - day 1

So exciting! Our iOS Developer Jakub Mazur is representing wingu at this years WWDC. He will share his first impressions and thoughts and give some insights about the future development of location based services in iOS 12:

04/06/2018 - WWDC 2018_day 1

WWDC 2018_Day1

Starts early (5 am), because u need to get in the queue to get good seats to the keynote. That was one of surprising thing I didn’t expect happens on WWDC. But while waiting in line you in a same queue with other developers and since you moving a different lanes you can chat with developers from different part of the world and different companies. 3.5 hours of waiting went surprisingly fast.

Keynote. Stats and market adoption rate. Boring. Then iOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS. Big changes for end users (yes, Siri) not developers on a first sight. But let’s get more into details.

After platforms state of the union it’s clear that Dev tools are getting major improvements with debugging and testing tools. Live upstream conflicts inline is just wow , also custom instruments looks promising. Wonder if it will work flawlessly with CI and multiple simulators. That we will probably check out tomorrow.

I love the idea to have shared UIKit between platforms. AppKit start drifting away from UIKit even if this two frameworks shared the same functionalities initially. And now tvOS and macOS will adopt so well know UIKit (as TVUIKit and parallel working with AppKit). From the Apple demo you can see that gesture and behavior mapping seems to be well designed.

But something that’s really mind blowing is Create ML. First of all you can train your machine in a playground, and from the demo it’s works amazing. That’s easier to get into machine learning for everyone. Waiting to know more about it in a dedicated session tommorow!

Worth mentioning is also WatchOS WebKit - this opens so much more possibilities to show rich content on the watch.

And what’s is not mentioned yet but it’s in release note: Apple maps and Apple Music now can work with JS. So you can have plugins on a website!

That’s it from official day one, now it’s time for after party...