wingu at WWDC - day 3

Our iOS Developer Jakub Mazur is representing wingu at this years WWDC. Today he reveals the secret of the mysterious notifications from background when location services was set While Using the app. Exciting!

06/06/2018 - WWDC 2018_day 3


On WWDC there is a good idea to skip some session (you can watch it later online) and get a true value from this and speak with Apple Engineers available for consultancy.

They're available in labs on WWDC divided into area of interests. In wingu we're have a lot of interests in CoreLocation. A LOT! So today I did spend great amount of time to talk with Apple Engineers about everything related to location and triggers. Very englighting to understand how locations services works under the hood and what's the limitation of it for developer that's not necessary can be found in official documentation.

And the mysterious behaviour of WWDC app that I discovered in day 0 (notifications that's came from background when location services was set While Using the app) is not a new functionality in that case, that's Apple privilage to bend their own frameworks for their own needs. As example - did *Reminders* app has a setting for location in background? And yet you can still receive reminders when you get home

Interesting update happen in **UserNotifications** framework. Now you can have interacting notifications and put buttons inside custom view you provide in a notification. That's a one major improvement. Strange thing is that UI Intents from SiriKit and new approach for notifications in iOS 12 start to have very similar functionalities. **Siri Shortcuts** still can do a lot more, but new notifications is very powerful tool that wingu will support for sure.

In the end of the WWDC day 3 let's create some LEGO AR scene ;).