wingu at WWDC - day 4

Our iOS Developer Jakub Mazur is representing wingu at this years WWDC. Exciting!

07/06/2018 - WWDC 2018_day 4

One session is especially standing out for me in day 4 and the must seen from this year WWDC is [Advanced Debugging with Xcode and LLDB]. It's shows a lot of technics to get know better tools that you're using every day. But since it is must seen I will not tell anything else about it. Just watch it.

Besides sessions there was great CoreLocation lab that show us a couple of tricks and tips that squizze from CoreLocation framework more in energy efficient way, I did spent a lot of time with CoreLocation engineers from Apple and maybe not all the issues we addressed has now answer but I did have better understanding how things work in that framework.

In the morning sessions was also tricks and tips for faster building in Xcode (parallels builds) so combining this with day before session about custom instruments and mentioned above debugger I have to say 2018 it's a great year for developer tools and Swift.

I'm also using iOS 12 since this couple of days and Siri Suggestions on the locked screen it's really not the best predictions you can get. For now unfortunately there is no option to have Intents UI to react on nothings else then Siri commands, I'm sure in proximity products UI Intents will be a great addition, but maybe in future version of iOS then this will be for sure also available in wingu platform.

And now it's time for **[The Bash]