wingu at WWDC - day 5

Our iOS Developer Jakub Mazur is representing wingu at this years WWDC. He will give some insights about the future development of location based services in iOS 12:


08/06/2018 - WWDC 2018_day 5

That was the intense week full of sessions, labs and trying out new APIs. That was my first WWDC and I'm still impressed how much you can get from other engineers that was attendees at the conference and Apple engineers. Great event!

After spending some time with iOS 12 there is a couple of mismatches from framework that leads too some questions. And I have to admit - this is surprisingly satisfying to ask a question to Apple engineers and get answer "I cannot really comment on that one", weirdly it is felt good.

During WWDC I noticed that on iOS 12 Beta 1 our framework [WinguGallery] is no longer working properly I took this problem to one of the experts in UIKit from Apple and turns out that's this is a bug in `UIScrollView` and we filled a bug report.

Like I said - it was intense week and today no WWDC parties, goodbye San Jose!

P.S. As a last track on the conference Apple play [All Along The Watchtower] (Hendrix not Dylan version). That is **not** included in [Official Apple WWDC 2018 Playilist].