wingu - proximity platform

Location based content via iBeacon, Eddystone, Geofence, QR-Code and NFC


 wingu is the ultimate multiplatform framework to manage location-based content and interactions.

It gives you advanced SDKs for iOS, Android and PHP - including an extensive proximity trigger management solution and a full blown CMS for non-developers.


Made for developers: Our platform for location based service

  • Complete solution for integrating iBeacons, Eddystone, Geofences, NFC and QR-Code

  • Optimized and energy efficient background scanning for Geofences and Beacons

  • Fully configurable settings for Beacon, Geofences, NFC and QR-Codes without App-release

  • Secure and comprehensive API for easy content creation and content delivery

  • Customizable and out of the box notifications embedded in SDK for Android and iOS

  • Full control over trigger caching time and scanning sensitivity on iOS and Android


Just few steps to get you going with our Android / iOS SDK


1. Create your free wingu account to get access to the wingu CMS and the Trigger administration for iBeacon, Eddystone, NFC, QR-Codes and Geofences.

2. Generate your unique API key. Login into your wingu Account and generate the key under SETTINGS / APP KEY.

3. Get started with the wingu SDK for your favorite platform. Our SDK provides everything you need to get started with proximity and wingu CMS functionality. 




For more complex interactions, f.e. if you want a structured, extensible, and simple way to get data in and out, you’ll probably want to use the REST API.

Wordpress Plugin

If you want to fetch content directly from Wordpress and connect it to triggers in the wingu proximity platform, you surely want to use our Wordpress-Plugin.


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