Proximity marketing: moving content in space and time

Our platform allows you to create content for location-based services and interactions and attach it to localization technologies. Your location-based content is transmitted according to the parameters that you define in advance with our tools.



Multiple languages

You create your content in multiple languages. International readers choose their preferred version. This lets you draw conclusions about reader diversity.


Search and filter 

You keep track of all locations and their content elements and can plan and create complex campaigns even well in advance.


Precise timing

Your content can be retrieved in exactly predefined time periods. To the minute. What does your location need in the morning, on Friday, in the off-season?


One to many

You can deploy your content at many locations simultaneously. To do this, you simply copy the necessary elements and link them to several locations.


Location-based content: flexible design to make a splash  

Compiling your location-based content is child’s play thanks to our editorial system’s intuitive user interface. You add the individual elements – texts, images, videos, sounds – and drag and drop them into the desired order.

Perform brilliantly even with no design skills

We have created sample templates to which you can upload your media. In this way, nothing gets lost and your location-based service is deployed to the highest aesthetic standards on every smartphone – on both iOS and Android.


Catchy headlines, easy-to-remember lists or full texts: You do the writing and we put your content in the limelight.


Image gallery

From illustrations to photos, you upload your images individually or create a gallery for users to swipe through.  



Listen up! You upload your sounds and music as mp3 files, which are played at the touch of a button.


Surveys with SurveyMonkey

We have a solution for surveys, registration forms, competitions and feedback forms. You create what you need to on SurveyMonkey and include the URL.



Create a voucher in your own design or insert a valid EAN barcode: a great way to promote that summer sale and boost your point of sale!


Include YouTube-links

You copy and paste the link from your YouTube video, instantly generating a preview of the video. There is space for an optional short description.


Embed buttons

Make an appointment, request a quote, link to your LinkedIn profile: You enter the URL and a stylish go button is generated automatically. Done!


e-Commerce and e-Payment

Coming soon: You can soon integrate products from your online shop thanks to our e-commerce and e-payment feature.


Design elements

Our ready-made sample templates have plenty of room for your design ideas. From separators to colours and fonts, let your creativity run wild.


Rating tool

How many stars will you get for your service? Just ask your audience. Our rating template is ready to go.


Your individual template

What other features do you need? Challenge us with your campaign ideas: We’ll create your template – which only works for you.


Social networks on wingu

Coming soon: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp – share your wingu moments at ease.


Mobile audience targeting: keeping an eye on your success

Fully understand market rules and prices: With our tools you can take local changes such as weather, the season or historical events into account and analyse the effects of your location-based content. This lets you constantly adapt both how you approach your customers and your service in real time – based on local needs and intentions. In the future, it will be possible to predict purchasing habits, determine demands and control prices more accurately.

Don’t let anyone slip through your net!

See how many smartphone users you reach with your content. Our statistics count the visitors who are within the reach of your locations.

For the fine-tuning: What worked?

How often was your location-based content opened? Keep an eye on the number of visits and learn more about them: When is your location-based service particularly popular?