High quality software made affordable

Fixed monthly rates and a fair cancellation policy give you planning and cost security: Choose the subscription that suits you and benefit from the continuous development of our platform. Innovation included.


The quickest way to enter the world of proximity

You have an awesome location and want to wow your users with special local services. In your proximity app – based on our white-label solution – you’ll find a dedicated channel for communicating with your customer base: with pinpoint accuracy. At the very intentional moment. Proactive and individualized, in real time and dynamic.

Your own proximity app

  • Scan your trigger iBeacons, Eddystone, geofences, NFC tags, QR codes

  • Deliver your content linked to the triggers

  • What’s really neat: Manage and extend the app menu, even with offline content. No programming necessary. Content that your users receive without needing to update your app.

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