wingu - proximity platform

Location based content via iBeacon, Eddystone, Geofence, QR-Code and NFC

Focus on content, not on technology.


Ready to go: It just works!

You do not need to invest in expensive software development to deliver location based content. Just use our proximity platform and get started. Immediately.


Always up to date

Intuitive user interface, great features in pleasing design, analytic tools, multi-language content management, content scheduler: Our innovations are included in our monthly subscriptions. 


Find your personal trigger mix

Use the proximity technology your location really needs. Create the perfect trigger mix with iBeacons, Eddystone, Geofence, QR-Code or NFC. Planned are RFID, WiFi, Smart Lighting.


Truly developer friendly

Our API und SDK are made by developers for developers. While we manage the functionalities, you build the best product for your customers. 


Proximity Marketing: Easy. Innovative. Scalable.


Playground for your creativity

With our intuitive frontend and our wide set of features in modern design we allow you to create location based service and interaction without technical knowledge. We offer multi language content delivery, time setting and batch operations.


Create content not technology

We provide all major proximity triggers in one single platform. Indoor/ outdoor you deliver your message and services to smartphones. We take care of the technology, you can focus on creating content and interaction. wingu offers stable monthly or yearly pricing and you will benefit of the power of our software platform.


Learn about your users 

Mobile audience targeting: Get to know your users and optimize your content and interaction with our analytics. Learn about reach, dwell time, routes etc.

Made for developers: Our SDK for location based service

You have a mobile app and want to integrate location based services? Save time and hassle and use our SDK to be ready for proximity marketing! The wingu nativ-SDK for iOS and Android will provide everything you need, to make your App location based ready. 


    Location scanning, content delivery and analytics.

    Integrate our mobile SDK for iOS and Android to trigger the content fetched from our proximity platform. 

    As we use the wingu mobile SDK for our wingu whitelabels, you can be sure, that it is always up to date.

    If you dont want to use our SDK, contact us to get alternative access to our API.

    High quality software made affordable

    The wingu subscription does not only contain the market leading proximity platform, but also the enhanced agility by getting access to the newest innovation. On top focusing development resources  translate into reducing costs. 


    Just 3 steps: Start location based content now


    Upload videos, soundfiles, pictures and text or integrate your own content platform like webshops, CMS, SAP, SurveyMonkey or other applications.


    Use a mix of several of Proximity-Technologies: define your location via iBeacons, Eddystone, Geofence, QR-Code or NFC.


    No technical skills required: attach content to your location and activate your trigger. We deliver the content to mobile devices.

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