wingu - proximity platform

Location based content via iBeacon, Eddystone, Geofence, QR-Code and NFC

Location based services has never been that easy.


With the wingu proximity platform, you provide information and services in a precise location that can only be accessed if recipients and their mobile devices are nearby. Simply link your location-based content with localisation technologies like iBeacons, Eddystone, geofencing, QR codes and NFC tags, and deliver the content directly to people’s devices via wingu SDK or web browser. 

After all: Good content is all about context.


Save time: wingu is ready to go!

You do not need to invest in expensive software development to deliver location based content. Just use our proximity platform and get started. Immediately.

It`s always up to date

Latest OS optimized SDKs, intuitive user interface, 3rd party plugins, analytic tools, multi-language content management, content scheduler: Our innovations are included in our monthly subscriptions. 


Use the trigger mix

wingu support the most importnat proximity triggers. Create the perfect trigger mix with iBeacons, Eddystone, Geofence, QR-Code or NFC.

Truly developer friendly

Our API und SDK are made by developers for developers. They are well documented, easy to implement but give you the opportunity to configure it for your needs.


Location based services: Easy. Innovative. Scalable.


Create your proximity triggers

We provide all major proximity triggers in one single platform. Beacons, Geofences, NFC or QR-Codes are easily configured via a web-interface even by non-developers.


Create content and interactions

With our intuitive rich content CMS and our wide set of features in modern design we allow you to create your own content and interactions and attach it to location triggers. We offer multi language content delivery, time setting, form cards and more.

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Use our advanced SDKs

Easy implementation via SDK for iOS and Android and more. Includes optimized and energy efficient background scanning for Geofences and Beacons and customizable and out of the box notifications.

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Get insides

Get to know your users and optimize your content and interaction with wingu analytics. Learn about reach, dwell time, routes etc.

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Just 3 steps: Start location based content now.


Upload videos, soundfiles, pictures and text or integrate your own content platform like webshops, CMS, SAP, SurveyMonkey or other applications.


Create your mix of several Proximity-Technologies: define your location via iBeacons, Eddystone, Geofence, QR-Code or NFC.


Attach content to your location and activate your trigger. We deliver the content to mobile devices via our SDKs for iOS and Android.


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