Individual design for your individual content 

Smart and simple you can create your own content stream in our intuitive CMS. You add your cards - like text, pictures, surveys, videos, sound-files - to your Beacon and move them via drag and drop into the right position. 

You don`t need to be a developer

With our content cards everybody can use wingu. Create or upload your own content in wingu without any developer skills. We take care of the formatting and distribute it easy and smooth to devices running iOS or Android. 

It´s all about text

Catchy Headlines, smooth text and classic formatting: You create content, we distribute.


Picture me

Illustrations or Pictures: You upload your pictures and create galleries to show your creativity.  


Live in concert

Let`s hear some sound: Upload your mp3-Files and deliver it at the right place and time. 


Any questions?

With our SurveyMonkey card you can distribute your survey location based and right in time. 



Create a voucher in your design and generate a barcode that works with your cash system.


Magic movies

Link your youtube video right where it belongs. Show your latest footage or advertisement.


Button: Go for it

Connect your website or link a document: With our button card you can integrate stylish buttons!



Coming soon: with our brand new shop integration and payment features you localize your e-commerce.


If you are an artist

Use our coloured and fancy breaklines to add some design and colour to your content.



Coming soon: ask for customer feedback with our rating card. Let users respond and collect stars for your content.


Your very own card

You need a special feature or a link into your infrastructure? Challenge us to create your very own card.


Ins Netz gegangen

Coming soon: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp - Let users share and distribute your content immediately. 


wingu beacon management system

Register, manage and analyse Beacons: With our Beacon-Manager you can add any Beacon to your Proximity-Marketing-Campaign. Utilise your existing Beacons or just start with our wingu-Starter-Box and become a professional for location based service. 

Download (3).png

Register your Beacons

iBeacon and Eddystone: Fast and easy you can add your wingu-Beacons or Beacons of Estimote, and BEACONinside to our Beacon management system. 


Manage your Beacons

Use our schedule to distribute content just in time. Geolocate your Beacons and categorise the content for your audience. That way you can control where and when users will see your content to create the best micromoment for your audience.

Manage your beacons.png

Download (3).png

Analyse: mobile audience targeting

Check how many users viewed with your content and how often you reached your audience: Our analytics track how many users have been in range of your beacons and how many engaged with your content. 

How to distribute your location based content.

You have the choice. Use your own App with our API / SDK, use our CI branded whitelabel native apps for a reasonable price or let us build you a very own solution based on our wingu-platform.  



Check out our free wingu App for iOS and Android. That way you can make your first experience with location based content and prototype your campaign. 



The whitelabel app comes in your very own CI and offers the full experience of location based content. We deliver fast and fixed priced. 


your own App

You already have an app? Use our API or SDK to integrate wingu into your mobile application and enjoy location based content distribution.

Location based content as a commodity.

Location based content and interaction should be available for anyone. Our fair price model with monthly and yearly subscriptions and a low entry level gives you the flexibility you need.

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